Joliet Illinois Restaurants

As the menu changes from week to week, you will find information about the regular culinary offerings. Besides cheese, bread and more, pasta is made to create a simple, spicy, classic and approachable menu. Lavu Culinary Cafe, located in the former Chicago Thriving Arts Center, is a full-service restaurant offering a wide selection of local, regional and international cuisine. You can also rent and take away food from the restaurant, and there is a limited number of options available on weekdays and weekends. One of two restaurants run by students of the Culine Arts Program, Saveur offers modern American international cuisine prepared from scratch by talented students of cooking.

Herbs - lollipops and lamb chops, grilled small fillets and a variety of noodles, salads, sandwiches and more.

We look forward to giving you culinary tips and tricks in the near future to create your takeaway meal - and stay safe!

We look forward to seeing you again when we return from the winter break and stay safe during our upcoming holidays! This semester will be fluid, but we will follow the guidelines set out in our previous post about the best takeaway restaurants in Chicago and the Chicago area.

More About Joliet

More About Joliet