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While most people visit Champaign-Urbana to rage against the University of Illinois college kids and watch Big 10 football at Memorial Stadium, off-campus summer outings find plenty of more relaxed joys. Spend a fun evening and try your luck at winning a jackpot when you visit Hollywood Casino in Joliet. While most people visit Champaign - or UrBana - or rage against college kids from university or catch Big 10 football at Memorial Stadium, the summer road walker will find plenty of everything - more relaxing - to enjoy the outside world - of the campus grounds.

From Bloomington to Springfield, the ride follows old Route 66 west of I-55 to Funks Grove. Cruisin 'Route 66 in Joliet, IL, helps you discover new and exciting things and takes you on a journey that even locals don't know.

Hammel Woods is located in the southern part of the town of Joliet, IL, just south of Interstate 55. This southern Illinois park has something for every outdoor activity, from climbing to mountain biking to hiking, and has it all for you.

Some of the most interesting places in Illinois are places that have long been forgotten. The state has not only unique attractions, but also the potential to offer enthusiastic explorers unforgettable adventures.

It is rumoured that decades ago it was the site of a murder hideout and is located in an abandoned town that has been visited so often that it has completely withered away.

Route 66 leaves Springfield and leads via Litchfield, Staunton and Hamel to St. Louis, where it merges into the small town of Jolliet with about 1,000 residents. The winding road offers unobstructed views of the river and forest and passes through a number of small towns and small farms, as well as some large ones. In 1673, Jollsiet's father, Jacques Marquette, traveled across the Des Plaines River and camped in the hills.

The other attraction in Jolie's downtown area is Silver Cross Field, where the minor league team, the "Joliet Slammers," plays their home games. It is also home to the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign and Illinois State University, as well as a number of museums.

The Rock Run and Joliet Junction Trails are approximately north-south routes that start at Theodore Marsh in Crest Hill, Illinois and have a southern terminus at I-M Canal State Trail. Several other waterways cross the city limits, including the Illinois River, Chicago River and Mississippi River. There are a number of other trails in Jolie, such as the Rock Creek Trail and Rock River Trail, as well as several trails along the river.

The Rock Run and Joliet Junction Trail are approximately north-south routes that start at Theodore Marsh in Crest Hill, Illinois, and have a southern terminus at I-M Canal State Trail.

The route is a local landmark and the Route 66 museum in Joliet is the main attraction on the route to discover it. Popular local attractions include the Rock Run Trail, Riverfront Park and Recreation Center and many other attractions. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (ILDNR), the state's largest private employer, will be the largest employer in JOLiet.

For more information, visit the Heritage Corridor website for a list of local attractions and more information about the JOLiet area. Statesville (r) has been named "Chicago's Best Haunted House" for 10 of the past 12 years.

Joliet visitors and Route 66 travelers can stop at the historic prison to learn about the prison's history through a variety of guided tours. If you have time, plan a half-day trip to get a taste of Chicago's attractions outside the city limits. Before visiting JOLiet, Illinois, you should get a list of the best things to do here.

This will take you to some of the city's attractions and treasures, including the historic prison, Illinois State Capitol and Chicago Riverfront Park and Zoo.

The Art Institute of Chicago features the Museum of Modern Art, Illinois State Capitol and Chicago Riverfront Park and Zoo. Today, Joliet is located on the west side, including the city limits of Kendall County, and far west. Starting from the base of Route 66 in Chicago, you will switch to the east side of the state and then drive a few miles westward on Route 66 until you officially begin your journey. From there, drive east on Route 66 for about 1 mile before changing and leaving.

This peaceful scenic drive follows the Mississippi River and is now the Illinois arrangement of the Lincoln Highway. While the heart and history of Joliet is focused on the Des Plaines River, it has also extended to the west side of Kendall County and far west.

The Speedway is the largest sports facility in Illinois, covering more than 1,300 acres and accommodating 75,000 fans. This convenient location allows residents to reach Chicago Midway International Airport while enjoying the best that the Joliet area has to offer.

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More About Joliet